Frustrated With Your Messy Music Library? Best 3 Music Organizers Tested and Reviewed

Are you having problems with your music collection? Do you want to fix mislabeled song information (like “Track 01”), add missing album cover art, remove duplicate tracks?

We love our music clean up too! Here at CoverMyTunes, we have our music experts team test all music clean up software and come up with the top 3 softwares we recommend to our visitor. We have throughly tested each software on a iTunes music library with 10,000+ songs to test all factors or the software.

Cleaning up your music benefits:

  • Fills in missing song info like track name, album , artist and genre using intelligent song recognition
  • Add missing cover art on you iTunes, iPod, iPhone and iPad automatically
  • Removes duplicate Songs
  • Fixes track titles to the original titles i.e "Track 1" to "Wild Ones"
  • Capitalizes song info i.e "wild ones" to "Wild Ones"
  • Cleans up 10000 songs in just minutes

Editor Top’s Choice: NeatMusic (New 2014)

Our Rating -

5 Star 

Cost: $29.95 (25% OFF Now)

Full Money Back Guarantee


Neatmusic is our #1 Choice to clean up your iTunes music files.. It is completely compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP.

Neatmusic an all-in-one package that will provide the tools you clean up you messy tracks and adds album artwork automatically. Neatmusic cleans up music using its intelligent music analysis tools powered by, all you music is identified by using music fingerprint.

  • Cleans up iTunes in One Click
  • Completes Missing Artist, Track, Album Info
  • Adds Missing Album Artwork
  • Corrects Annoying "Untitled", "Unknown", "Track 1" Info
  • Organizes Music for iPod/iPhone and iPad

Bottom Line:

Undoubtedly the best music library organizer and clean up tool out there for any level of PC user ,  Neatmusic is thorough and will cover all of the fix all you music files without hanging or crashing up.  The interface is sleek and navigation is simple. We loved how fast it was clean up our songs and how accurate the results were too. The album artwork finder was almost prefect with really high quality images

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Rank 2: Tune Up Media [SHUTDOWN]

Our Rating -

4 star 


Cost: $36 (15% OFF)

Full Money Back Guarantee



Update 2014: Tune Up Media as of March 2014 has been stopped until further notice from management

Tuneup Media comes in 2nd place. This another tool we loved by didn't make it to first place because it slow and usually crashed as we cleaned up our music.  It will scan your music library on windows media player/iTunes and adds missing album artwork and complete missing information too.

It is a user-friendly computer utility software, we liked the drag and drop feature and the duplicate song remover(deDupper).  The downside was the album artwork was not as high quality as in Neatmusic and its recognition of english music files sometimes returned Chinese songs. But it delivers good overall coverage and will get good results cleaning up your music.

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Rank 3: Rinse My Music [SHUTDOWN]

Our Rating -

3 star 

Cost: $39.95

Full Money Back Guarantee



Update 2014: Rinse as of Jan 2014 has been stopped completely

Developed by Real Networks, this music cleaner is really just too simple in layout and design with poor features. It cleans up music files, adds album artwork and removes duplicates.

Rinse my music made it last in our list. We were disappointed with how poor it was in cleaning our music files. Although its interface is really simple and fun to use, it lucked some much functionality. We were able to clean song by song, we have to clean by playlist. The results were usually poor.

It is fairly straightforward but low tech and we would not recommend it. Rinse My Music is compatible for use with Windows and Mac.

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